We offer in the oncology category in Tunisia the sale of the following medical equipment: Implantable catheter chambers: implantable chamber for adults or pediatrics also called percutaneous implantable chamber CIP.

The sale of implantable chambers in Tunisia by BIMEDICA can be distributed in Bab Saadoun (Bab Bou Saadoune), Tunis, Bardo, Ariana, Lac, Marsa, Ben Arous, Ezzahra, Manouba and all of greater Tunis.

Discover all the medical oncology medical equipment for doctors to carry out the management of cancer drugs: using chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

Available for sale in Greater Tunis at Bab Saadoun (Beb Saadoun), Ariana, Lac, Marsa, Ben Arous but also in Sousse, Sfax, Gabès, Nabeul and all of Tunisia.

Tél : (+ 216) 54 471 830

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