About our company BIOMEDICA

Importation and sale of medical and paramedical equipment Tunisia, Africa, Europe. Solutions for vascular disease.

Your supplier of medical and paramedical equipment for your health and the health of your patients. For health professionals such as doctors, hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies and the various health workers who care for people.

- Material for Urology.
- Equipment for Radiology.
- Equipment for cardiac surgery.
- Breathing equipment: oxygen concentrators 5L, 10L, 20L.

Order all medical and consumable equipment for practices, clinics and hospitals.

BIOMEDICA is a supplier of medical and para-medical products, materials and equipment.


BIOMEDICA: sale of medical equipment since 2000, the company located in Tunis the capital, offers medical equipment at the best quality and price ratio.
Order your medical and paramedical equipment
BIOMEDICA exclusively distributes accessories for doctors, hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies and other nursing staff.
Biomedica is your best supplier of medical equipment, instrumentation and consumables for doctors: urology, radiology, cardiac surgery.

Welcome to our online store with some featured items

Our online store presents several types of equipment, you can request or order your medical and paramedical devices for your practice, clinics, general practitioner and specialists.