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Tunisia CPAP/BIPAP rental: in this category we offer the following products: Tunisia CPAP rental and Tunisia BiPAP rental with home installation by the week/month with all the necessary accessories such as the CPAP mask, for better sleep, to avoid snoring, to treat OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome) and Sleep Disorders.

CPAP/PPC rental BiPAP/NIV rental Tunisia

Sleep disorder by respiratory arrest during sleep called OSAS: obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.


Our solutions

At Biomedica, we offer the rental of several solutions to take care of a wide variety of respiratory disorders, and treat sleep apnea and respiratory failure in Tunisia.

Our solutions are very effective for treatments by Resmed device by fixed CPAP (CPAP), autopilot CPAP (APAP), or at two levels of pressure. Biomedica will allow you to breathe more comfortably wherever you are at home or in a clinic in Tunisia.

We offer choices of Tunisia CPAP/PPC rental and Tunisia BiPAP/NIV rental such as the ResMed device: for patients at home or in a hospital/clinic, our products are Tunisia CPAP rental and Tunisia BiPAP rental.


Biomedica is a supplier of health equipment: devices to relieve snoring and treat sleep apnea and respiratory failure with a better quality/price ratio.


Health products for sleep disorders, snoring, and respiratory insufficiency: Tunisia CPAP/CPAP device rental, self-controlled CPAP rental, Tunisia BIPAP device rental are available for rental in Greater Tunis at Bab Saadoun (Bab Bou Saadoune), Tunis, Gammarth, Lake, Marsa, Ben Arous, Ezzahra, Bardo, Ariana, Manouba and in Bizerte, Jendouba, Kef, Sousse, Sfax, Nabeul, Tabarka, Djerba, and all of Tunisia.

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