Sale of medical equipment Tunisia

Rental oxygen concentrator Tunisia - Sale oxygen concentrator Tunisia

Biomédica Sarl N°1 in the sale of cardiology equipment, autoclave, oxygen concentrator, endoscopic clips, Surtron, ENT Laryngoscope.

BIOMEDICA also sells the Surtron 80 120 160 W electrocautery with monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency, gastroenterology equipment in Tunisia such as endoscopy forceps or 45 cm LigaV® endoscopic ligature clip applicators.

We also have video microscopes for ENT: video laryngoscope for ENT, sterilization and hygiene equipment: class B medical autoclaves.

In urology, we have ureteral stents or double J probes (JJ probe): this is a kit of surgical instruments for nephrostomy.

In Gastroenterology, we have endoscopy clip pliers also called LigaV® endoscopic ligation clip applicators. These clips for digestive endoscopy are very effective laparoscopy instruments in endoscopy. We also have the HELIOSPHERE intra-gastric air balloon to treat obesity without surgery in Tunisia. The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method performed in Tunisia.

cardiology equipment tunisia

Sale of medical equipment Tunisia for doctors and private clinics such as: cardiology equipment, urology, radiology, surgery.

Bimedica provides health professionals with a set of solutions and products in the field of diagnosis and treatment of many pathologies.

Biomedica specialist in the sale of medical equipment Tunis for doctors, clinics and professionals. Offers a wide range of equipment for: urology, radiology, cardiac surgery, oxygen concentrators for your establishment/clinic.

The Tunisia 10 liter oxygen concentrator is the most sold, also the Tunisia 5 liter oxygen concentrator. We have other products like 5l oxygen concentrator, 10l oxygen concentrator and 20l oxygen concentrator.

The sale of Tunis oxygen concentrator can be made in Manouba, Bardo, Ariana, Lac, Marsa, greater Tunis and all of Tunisia.

The company receives requests for medical oxygen in Béja, Jendouba, Kairouan, Bizerte, Nabeul, Sousse, Sfax, Djerba, Gabes and all of Tunisia.

For our aesthetic medicine products, we have the sale of breast implants - Tunisia breast augmentation prostheses.
Its surgical implant or cosmetic breast implant is used in cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation, reduction, lifting, and reconstruction operations. Ask for a quote on the operation and the price of the breast prosthesis.

Several types of equipment according to your needs:

  • Laboratory
  • Resuscitation operating room
  • Hygiene sterilization
  • Radiology & ultrasound
  • Single-use consumable
  • General Supplies
  • Diagnostic
  • Dental
  • Gastroenterology
  • Cosmetic surgery of the chest and breasts or breasts.

Biomedica supplier specialist in the sale of medical equipment and professional health devices at the best prices.
The medical supply is our task to ensure the supply of health professionals in their premises and also to ensure the home delivery of diagnostic equipment. Biomedica offers a wide range of class iia iib and iii products and services.
Classes iia iib and iii indicate the compliance of our products with the regulatory requirements of the health code. Classes iia iib and iii indicate the compliance of our products with regulatory requirements and the health code.

Download our catalog available in PDF: CATALOGUE-BIOMEDICA-2023_ENGLISH.pdf