Soft Tissue Biopsy Gun - cancer and chemotherapy -
  • Soft Tissue Biopsy Gun - cancer and chemotherapy -
  • Soft Tissue Biopsy Gun - cancer and chemotherapy -
  • Soft Tissue Biopsy Gun - cancer and chemotherapy -

Soft Tissue Biopsy Gun

Sale automatic gun for soft tissue biopsy MEDCUT used in Tunisia for tissue biopsy: chest, prostate, kidney, etc. The ultrasound-guided needle tip allows the automatic drawing of tissue samples for tissue biopsy needs.

 automatic biopsy gun

Biomedica offers automatic gun medical devices for breast biopsy, kidney biopsy, prostate biopsy, and hepatic biopsy (PBH) of the liver.

Order and buy your single-use automatic soft tissue biopsy gun in Tunis, Ben Arous, Bab Saadoun (Beb Saadoun), Nabeul, Seliana, Bizerte, Kairouan, Sfax, Djerba, Jendouba, Sousse, Tabarka, Béja, Zaghouan, Gabès and all of Tunisia.

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The MEDCUT single-use automatic biopsy gun is sterile and has a needle tip used under ultrasound guidance to automatically draw tissue samples.
The soft tissue biopsy gun is available with a standard or trocar tip. For some procedures, a blunt coaxial needle is provided.

Sale automatic biopsy gun



The gun comes with a standard or trocar tip. Available in two penetration depths: 22 mm for the 19 mm notch and 11 mm for the 10 mm notch.
The Biopsy Gun can be used as:

- Breast biopsy gun: for diagnosis of breast cancer.
- Gun biopsy kidney (PBR): removal of one or more small pieces of kidney tissue.
- Prostate biopsy gun (or prostate biopsy): for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
- Liver biopsy gun (PBH) of the liver: for the diagnosis of liver diseases.


Technical characteristics

- Two penetration depths: 11 mm or 22 mm / Two notches: 10 mm or 19 mm
- Shooting trigger in a proximal position
- Pointed cannula allows safe and painless percutaneous puncture and insertion
- Echo processing for ultrasound-guided procedures
- Centimeter markings on the cannula
- Commercially available in two versions: Standard tip or trocar tip
- Coaxial needle available in the same packaging (MC**-***-C0 - MC**-***-CS) or packaged separately
- Individually wrapped coaxial blunt-tip needles
- ETO sterilization


The sale service of automatic gun for soft tissue biopsy with two depths of penetration 22 mm / 11 mm is in Tunis, Ben Arous, Bardo, Ariana, Bab Saadoun (Beb Saadoun), Lac, Marsa, Ezzahra and also in Jendouba, Kef, Tabarka, Nabeul, Sfax, Djerba, Sousse, Bizerte and all of Tunisia.

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