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Vena Cava Filter Denali

Sale Denali Cava Filter in Tunisia implanted in the inferior vena cava to provide protection against pulmonary embolism (PE) for an extended period. It can be removed with a low complication rate. When phlebitis or venous thrombosis forms clots in the veins, it prevents its clots from migrating to the lungs.

Biomedica supplier of medical equipment and cardiology medical equipment and a wide range of vena cava filters.

Easily order and buy your cellar filter in Tunis, Béja, Nabeul, Bab Saadoun, Bizerte, Tabarka, Seliana, Zaghouan, Jendouba, Sousse, Sfax, Djerba, Gabès, and all of Tunisia.

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The vena cava filter is a small piece of metal equipment implanted in the inferior vena cava to filter the blood that returns from the lower limbs to the heart and the lungs of clots in the event of phlebitis or venous thrombosis. His clots migrate to the lungs. This complication, called pulmonary embolism, is never benign and can sometimes be fatal.

In the Denali Inferior Vena Cava Filter and all other commonly used models, a bracket fitted with hooks secures it permanently to the venous wall.



- Advanced filter technology helps prevent movement, tilt, and penetration.
- Clinically tested during the largest and longest study on IDE filters.
- can be implanted and immediately protects against pulmonary embolism (PE)
- can be implanted for an extended period
- can be repeated with a low complication rate.

Solid and stable

- its conical design with a double filter.
- One-piece laser-cut nitinol filter body
- Arms and legs in the shape of a keystone
- Staggered leg lengths


easy to restore

- Snare hooks are perfectly welded to the body of the filter for a centered and balanced snare drum
- Smooth neck design makes it easy to grab the snare drum
- Ultra-strong and highly visible

The vena cava filter service for phlebitis or venous thrombosis is available at Biomedica in Tunis, Ariana, Bab Saadoun (Beb Saadoun), Ben Arous, Bardo, Lac, Marsa, Ezzahra and also in Tabarka, Nabeul, Sfax, Djerba, Sousse, Jendouba, Kef, Bizerte and all of Tunisia.