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clips for endoscopy

Sale of Endoscopy forceps or 45 cm LigaV® endoscopic ligation clip applicators at a reasonable price in Tunisia. Used in bariatric surgery. Also called laparoscopic clip applicator or digestive endoscopy clip pliers. These endoscopic clip forceps are very ergonomic and efficient laparoscopy instruments in endoscopic procedures.

it is available for Medium, Medium-Large and Large non-absorbable LigaV® clips for use on a wide range of tissue sizes. Made up of high quality stainless steel. Rinse port makes cleaning easy, eliminating potential contamination.

Check out all the key features on the product: Laparoscopic Clip Applicator 45

Main characteristics:

     Jaws activated by front handle for better stability,
     360° rotation of the shaft by the index finger allows one-handed use,
     cartridge tint matched to color coded size,
     compatible with corresponding sizes of LigaV® titanium non-absorbable clips.

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Data sheet

Bariatric surgery
M / ML / L
3 colors
Shaft diameter
10 mm
Trocar diameter
10 mm
Working length
45 cm
Box quantity
1 piece
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