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Intra gastric balloon

Sale gastric balloon - intra-gastric air balloon without surgery to treat overweight and obesity in Tunisia. The method of non-surgical weight loss at the best price.

The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method treated in Tunisia and can be distributed in Tunis, Ariana, Lac, Marsa, Ben Arous, Ezzahra, Manouba but also on Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, Nabeul, Djerba, and all other regions.

It is a solution for men and women without any surgery. The gastric balloon greatly reduces nausea and vomiting after implantation.

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Gastric balloon Tunisia also called gastric balloon Allurion or gastric balloon Elipse treats excess weight which is manifested by an abnormal accumulation of fat. The principle is very easy, it is to create volume in the stomach to quickly cause a feeling of satiety. Thus, thanks to the presence of the balloon, the patient eats less, and with time his weight decreases.

It is a solution for men and women without any surgery. The gastric balloon greatly reduces nausea and vomiting after implantation. Overweight and obesity are characterized by an important excess of weight with an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat. A person is said to be overweight when his or her body mass index (BMI) is greater than 25 and the person is said to be obese when the BMI is greater than 30.

Characteristics of the intragastric balloon :

- No surgery and minimally invasive: Placed in about 30 minutes by endoscopic approach without hospitalization of the patient.
- Inflated with air: Lightness limiting nausea, vomiting, and pain after implantation.
- Temporary: 6 months of implantation.
- Waterproof: Initial volume assured.
- Easy to apply: Patented de-coating system.
- Easy extraction: Reduced extraction forces and wall thicknesses.
- A weight loss of up to 24 Kg.

Buy/order now your health product Heliosphere the gastric balloon Tunisia air in Tunis, Ariana, Lake, Marsa, Ben Arous, Ezzahra, and Manouba but also on Beja, Kef, Kairouan, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes, and all Tunisia.


Intragastric air balloon

Obesity is a threat to the health and quality of life of patients. The gastric balloon - intra-gastric is a medical implant minimally invasive, reversible and comfortable, is a bariatric treatment of obesity with safe results.

The placement of an intragastric balloon is monitored by a dietary and medical follow-up for the success of the treatment.
Slimming results: weight loss

Once inflated, the balloon reduces the nominal volume of the stomach. By acting on the mechanoreceptors in the upper part of the stomach, the gastric balloons induce a sensation of rapid satiety during meals. Patients eat less and lose weight.

- Effectiveness: Up to 24 kg of weight loss.
- Tolerance:
* Vomiting lasts less than 3 days.
* Less than 1% of balloons were removed prematurely.
- Eating Behavior :
Change your eating habits by learning to eat less.


Allurion Gastric Balloon or Elipse Gastric Balloon formerly known as the Allurion Gastric Balloon

As soon as the Allurion gastric balloon takes its place in the stomach and is filled with water, it provides a feeling of satisfaction opposite to hunger. It is a state that induces the stopping of the meal. It is a state of the indifference of the person to help control his hunger.

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600cm3, 720cm3
Gastroenterology, obesity surgery
Part of the body
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non surgical
Protective polymer layer
II b
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