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Knee prosthesis

Sale of orthopedic prosthesis Tunisia: sale knee prosthesis Tunisia with several design options at good value for money. It is an implant that will replace the articular surfaces (cartilage) of the tibia, femur and patella.

The appropriate choice of the doctor and a specificity of the patient, fixes the model of knee prostheses necessary. The prosthesis can be interchangeable and anatomically designed, its fixation can be cemented or uncemented.

The sale of leg prostheses by your Biomedica health and medical equipment supplier can be done in greater Tunis, Bab Saadoun (Beb Saadoun), Ariana, Lac and also in Bizerte, Nabeul, Sousse and all of Tunisia.

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Sale of orthopedic prosthesis Tunisia: sale of knee prosthesis Tunisia with several design options. Knee implants can be minimally invasive with sliding, with the maintenance of the cruciate ligaments and a fixed or mobile plate.

To restore the mobility of a knee joint (arthroplasty), the surgeon can choose between two types of prostheses depending on the condition of the knee and the ligaments:

- A complete prosthesis (three-compartmental)

- a partial prosthesis (unicompartmental)

In orthopedic surgery, you can replace your damaged knee or part of your knee with a prosthesis. A new posterior stabilized system in modern knee endoprosthetics.

The main characteristics:

- Natural kinematics

- Stability at all bending angles

- Resistance

Leaks are avoided by a multi-layer coating, which prevents metal allergies.

The sale of knee prosthesis in Tunisia by the supplier BIOMEDICA can be distributed in Bab Saadoun (Beb Saadoun), Tunis, Ariana, Lac, Marsa, Ben Arous, Ezzahra, Manouba but also in Sousse, Sfax, Gabès, Nabeul, Djerba and all the other regions.

Data sheet

unicompartmental, three-compartmental
Surgical application
minimally invasive
with sliding, with support of the cruciate ligaments
Tibial plateau
mobile, fixed platform
cemented, uncemented