• Area


    Area brand of medical oxygen concentrators. Manufacturer of oxygen concentrators.



    CryoLife is a leading manufacturer of biomedical services

    CryoLife, Inc. is among the largest medical device companies in the world.

  • Homed


    Homed is a brand of oxygen concentrators sold in Tunisia. Portable and stationary oxygen.



    JOTEC offers several types of surgical prostheses, endovascular implants and accessories for medicine: cardiac and vascular surgery, radiologists and cardiologists.



    Konsung Medical Group is an innovative Chinese technology company in the health and primary care sector. Its products are exported all over the world.

  • Olive


    Brand Olive medical care

  • ResMed


    ResMed is a company with a significant presence in connected health globally. ResMed provides breakthrough home care solutions that meet patient needs and improve their quality of life. Our medical devices are equipped with advanced healthcare technologies that enable connected care, revolutionizing the treatment of chronic conditions such as sleep apnea.


    ResMed masks

    - AirFit F20 face mask
    - AirFit F30 face mask
    - AirFit N20 nasal mask
    - AirFit N30i nasal mask


    Sleep apnea and treatments

    - OSAS treatments
    - Narval CC orthosis
    - AirSense 11 CPAP device
    - AirMini travel device



    The product brand UROMED is one of the leading German suppliers of urological medical products and aids for the care of incontinence drainage with several lines of nephrostomy catheters, balloon catheters and J-tip catheters.

  • Urovision urotech

    Urovision urotech

    The Urotech and Urovision product brand represents independent companies of the Medi-Globe Group. This brands came to Tunisia by Biomedica. Urotech and Urovision were founded in 1989 (Urotech GmbH) and 1997 (Urovision GmbH).